A few recreations best experience in disconnection with a standout amongst the best gaming headsets cash can purchase. Sound is so pivotal to vivid single-player encounters and online fight royals since the best gaming headsets offer a genuinely awesome experience.

Now and then far and away superior to a blend of the best PC speakers matched with the best receiver for spilling and gaming. Since living, shared-world diversions possess a lot within recent memory, owning the best gaming headset is essential for unhindered sound happiness just as unmistakable correspondence. You need solace to play for long sessions, itemized sound to get on in-diversion sound prompts, encompass sound to pinpoint adversaries, and a quality mouthpiece to impart plainly to your companions and colleagues.

What we are going to describe you!

A scope of jars and drivers can achieve the sound characteristics you’ll see on this rundown, whereas the last is normally cooked for by blast mics, separable or retractable.

In this way, in case you’re waiting to pounce for the best gaming headset, you’re in the opportune spot. Some contain wires; some contain remote. In any case, all have affirmed by a committed group of equipment analyzers and commentators here at PC Gamer. Purchasing the best gaming headsets under $100 is additionally a decent decision.

Gaming headphones are absolute necessities have for genuine gamers. Be that as it may, there are great deals of gaming headsets available, and picking the correct item for you is an overwhelming errand. I will give you a rundown of the best gaming headsets for under US$100.

Do Sound Matters?

Yes! That implies there will never be a superior time to get a standout amongst the best PC gaming headsets. How we see it, having superb sound is so significant when you’re gaming, particularly when many gaming screens don’t have worked in speakers nowadays. Furthermore, while some do, they won’t do your PC recreations equity like a committed PC gaming headset will.

In this way, in case you’re searching for a vivid sound encounter while you’re biting the dust again and again, or you need to complete some end-amusement pounding in games, you’ll need either the best PC speakers or a standout amongst the best PC gaming headsets. The best PC recreations give rich sound so you would prefer not to pass up a major opportunity.

So what’s next!

The best PC gaming headsets we’ve picked have every one of the fancy odds and ends that the best PC speakers will offer, however with one key distinction protection. For anybody that needs to abstain from keeping their mates or neighbors alert throughout the night, skirt the best sound bar, and look at the best PC gaming headsets available in 2019.

5 Best Gaming Headsets under $100 List:

Name Dimensions Weight
Sennheiser GSP 300 8.8 x 4.3 x 9.4Inch 12.8Ounces
Corsair Void Pro 8.1 x 3.9 x 7.5 Inch 13.8Ounces
Razer Kraken Pro V2 3.9 x 6.2 x 7.8 Inch 12Ounces
SteelSeries Siberia V2 8.1 x 6.9 x 3.9 Inch 9.1Ounces
HyperX CloudII 6.7 x 4.7 x 2.8 Inch 11.2Ounces

Sennheiser GSP 300

Sennheiser is known for delivering top-notch sound hardware; these headphones give amazing sound quality. As a great many people may know, sound assumes a significant job in diversion play.

Ear Cushion

Sennheiser utilizes adaptable foam as an ear cushion on the GSP 300s to make them truly agreeable. Notwithstanding the exceptionally wide headband, these earphones are perfect for expanding amusement sessions.


The receiver on this headset is likewise stunning. It utilizes undoing innovation to catch your sound well. What’s more, it will turn upwards when not being used to ward off it from your face and will naturally quiet after withdrawing, which is a decent touch. If sound quality is your first decision, at that point, this is your headset.

  • Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Memory
  • Foam Earmuffs
  • Ultra High-Quality Sound
  • No Manual Microphone Mute

Corsair Void Pro

It is a remote gaming headset with an exceptional plan. A novel element of the headset is that it has a genuine structure shape. It implies the state of the ear covers isn’t roundabout, and they are truly agreeable to fit on your ears.

Battery Life

Thus, you can without much of a stretch wear them for quite a while. Likewise, battery life is as long as 16 hours before charging is required. The amusement execution is generally amazing, and the sound quality is awesome. The sound is clear and sharp, and the subtleties are additionally sufficient.

Also, the gadget’s sight and sound execution are excellent, regardless of whether it is shrill, bass execution, clear subtleties, it exceeds expectations in all angles.

  • Good gaming performance
  • Amazing multimedia performance
  • Wireless design
  • Distant sounds are little unclear

Razer Kraken Pro V2

The speaker outline built of bauxite aluminum for mind-blowing sturdiness. It likewise includes a redesigned headband that isn’t just tough, yet additionally lighter and more agreeable than past models. The cushions are oval molded for ideal ear inclusion and the enormous 50mm drivers in the headset and driven by neodymium magnets.

Sound Quality

It enables them to deliver clear and ground-breaking sound in an assortment of volumes. Furthermore, it has a recurrence reaction of 12 Hz and a limit of 28 kHz, enabling you to hear each subtlety in the amusement and music.


The receiver is additionally of high caliber. In addition to the fact that it produces great sound, it makes it simple for your colleagues to hear and get you, yet when you needn’t bother with it, it scales totally.

If you need an overly agreeable and amazingly tough, astounding headphone, at that point, this is your best decision.

  • Bauxite aluminum frame
  • Retractable microphone

    Steel Series Siberia V2

    There is another gaming headset for Steel Series. That is the Siberian V2. The plan and assembling quality is classy and exquisite. The headband is intended to disseminate weight on the earphones equitably. It is lightweight however strong, agreeable and can be utilized ceaselessly for quite a while.


    Furthermore, the receiver performs great. It is additionally retractable. Notwithstanding, if the inside link is much of the time withdrawn, the inward link might harm. It offers a full scope of the noisy and clear stable. There are sufficient subtleties. You can even hear removed clamor through this headset. Be that as it may, bass execution might be better.

    Sound Quality

    The mixed media execution of the headset is likewise adequate. You can hear the music unmistakably. Subtleties and lucidity likewise exist. Notwithstanding, as referenced prior, the bass execution of this headset might be better. At the most noteworthy volume, the sound felt muted.

    • Compatible with every computer
    • Good game performance
    • Comfortable design
    • Internal cable damage occurs when you frequently retract the microphone

    Hyper X Cloud II

    Hyper X Cloud II headsets are a standout amongst the most prevalent headsets; It has many intriguing and remarkable highlights that make it perfect for some uses other than recreations.

    The headset utilizes a 53mm driver that moves with the neodymium magnet to make profound bass and noisy sound. They are known for being truly strong and facing long stretches of maltreatment, yet not for solace.

    Ear Cushion

    Moreover, the headphones utilize flexible foam filler, which is great, yet the head has a touch of cushioning, and a few people are a little awkward when wearing them for quite a while.


    It includes a one of a kind separable amplifier that associates with the earphones. You can connect it to another gadget to record sound. All the more critically, Cloud II furnish with a converter for utilizing a USB port, and the converter utilizes an inline sound card.

    This sound card adds additional handling to the sound, making the mouthpiece keener and adding clamor decrease to its tracks.

    • Removable microphone
    • Inline sound card
    • Only has inline controls when plugged into USB

    Would it be that you have to search for while picking a gaming headset that is directly for you? We will investigate every one of the components underneath.

    1. Headsets accompany various stages. Is it for XBOX, PC, Mac and different gadgets? Such headsets are likewise accessible which bolster different stages. They have both a USB and a 3.5 mm jack which underpins practically every one of the instruments.
    2. Sound quality is one of the significant while picking a headset. Driver measure matters a ton for these. 40 mm driver or higher choose from for that. Brilliant sound quality will assist you with listening effectively. It encourages you to recognize modest headsets. It ought to likewise give great Bass, which will make you feel astounding while at the same time playing amusements.
    3. There are a few diversions accessible that can’t play without the group. Playing recreations online implies that you would need to converse with colleagues for better interchanges. Or on the other hand, you may need to incorporate voice directions itself inside the diversion. With gaming headsets, the receiver can never miss. You need a headset that can hear your sound, not the music which is being delivered by your headset.
    4. Comfort is something else you can’t forget here, or disaster will be imminent, playing diversions for increasingly extensive length could cause torment on your ears. Pick headsets that build of truly of light material giving pads to your year that encourages you to focus on your diversions, not on the headphones. For that, few sizes are accessible to be looked over them. Sizes which let you wear on the ear, a fit around the ear or for outrageous solace around the ear pick. Picking the bigger size causes you to hear the headset sounds, not the encompassing ones.
    5. If you need to tune in to your encompassing sound, pick the open one. It will assist you with wearing it for a more extended time and not let your ears be warmed up. I prescribe you to pick the shut ones however for gaming; it focuses on your diversions, and not on your encompassing sounds. If you are a genuine gamer, a shut headset is a thing that you need.
    6. There is an assortment of top gaming headsets that accompanies both wired and remote. If you don’t care for wires coming to your direction while playing diversions, go for the remote. You will feel free while utilizing those wirelesses once. A remote one should charge as you use them, something you have to consider. You need to charge it an opportunity to time guaranteeing that the batteries don’t get down while playing recreations; this could be irritating for genuine gamers.
    7. Always pick a phenomenal solid headset for the long run. Their pins, wires, speakers, receiver and furthermore the constructed quality ought to be premium. It should be sufficiently strong to deal with little falls or mishaps. Not choosing the right one will cause free in association or for all time it will harm.

    In the electronics section, the estimation of good gaming headsets somewhat high. It relies upon your decision. Purchasing the shoddy one will give you the second rate nature of item through the costly ones would be of premium quality. Determination ought to make according to your financial limit between the shabby and costly ones. Quality and looks of headsets additionally increment the expense.